Whitehall works across diverse media that explores her long-held interest in studies in oppression, animal ethics, contemporary conflict and liberation struggles. She has received travel support from the Canada Council for the Arts (Arts Across Canada, 2020) as well as the Toronto Arts Council (Production Grant, 2016) and Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (Production Assistant Grants, 2015) to produce two separate film projects. In collaboration with Judd Brucke, they completed four short films shot on Super 16 over the past five years. Their photography project ‘Animal Freedom: and the Problems with Our World’ (2019) exhibited at Jinks Gallery and Nassau Variety in Toronto, Canada. Whitehall is deeply concerned about the mass suffering in the world, our changing environment and furthering animal rights, all of which drive her to use art as a means of social commentary and activism. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University.